1979-1983  Deree College: Bachelor of Arts
1981-1983  “Group for Communication and Education in Art”
1984-1989  School of Fine Arts in Athens (Α.Σ.Κ.Τ.)



2012  “Just Before”, Ekfrasis gallery Gianna Grammatopoulou, Athens.
2011  “Prothesis”. Modern Greek Art Museum. Medieval Castle, Rhode.
2005  “Prison of Light”, Medieval Castle, Chios
2000  “Fertile Land”, Epikendro Contemporary Art Space, Athens
1996  “The Gender", Medusa+1 Art Gallery, Athens
1996  "Trees", Municipal Gallery of Kalamata
1993  "Figures in Space", "Medusa+1" Art Gallery, Athens

"Transition", Municipal Gallery, Athens, Curators: Provo Principles, Giannis Bolis
2013  "Remap. Project «The Cabinet»", Curators: Andreas Vousouras, George Tserionis, Dionisis Christofilopoulos
2013  "Reframing Nature", "Ekfrasi-Gianna Grammatopoulou" gallery, Athens, Curator: Annita Argiroiliopoulou
2013  "Crucify", CHANIaRT, Chania, Curators: Konstantine Fischer, Ioannis Arhontakis
2013  "Dialogues of Ariadne and Penelope", CHANIaRT, Chania, Curators: Vasiliki-Athina Vagenou, Ioannis Arhontakis
2012  "Reclaiming the past regaining the future" Αbout, Athens. Curator George Tserionis.
2012  "Tout va bien". Camp, Athens. Curator: Αn. Voussouras.
2012  Public Space – Athens. Zeon.
2011  The truth is always irrational. Tribute to Alexandros Papadiamantis. Cultural Center Melina, curator
Iris Kritikou. Athens.
2010  «Artists support curators» Exhibition to benefit AICA (HELLAS). Kappatos Gallery, Athens.
2010  “Spring Symphony”. Tehnohoros Athens curator Lena Kokkini
2010  “2010” Bios Athens.Curator Aimilia Papfilippou
2009  “No Mans Land II ”Municipal Art Center Athens
2009  «Terra Mania», Mavromihali Mansion, Mani, curator Lina Tsikouta
2007  “Chronicle of the Absurb”, Museum of Photography , Thessaloniki,  curator Bia Papadopoulou
2007  “Fragments”, Art Gallery Medusa, curator Lena Kokkini
2006  "Women Creators of the two seas, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea” Thesaloniki Center
of Contemporary Art, organization UNESCO,  curators Efthymia Kountoura, Areti Leopoulou
2005  "Art to use, Art to wear, Art to play” Diana Gallery , Athens, curator Lena Kokkini
2004  "In the beginning was fire" Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens, curator B. Papadopoulou
2003  "322+1 Artists”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
2002  “Terra Incognita”, Dianna Gallery, curator Lena Kokkini
2002  “Artistic Paths” Municipal Art Center of Maroussi, Athens
2001  “The Body”, Vaphopoulio Municipal Art Center, Thessaloniki
2001  “Three Days of Art” Hydra Museum curator N. Kanagini
2000  Αrt Athina, 2000, Epikendro Contemporary Art Space, Athens
2000  “Group exhibition by three artists” Terracota Gallery, Thessaloniki
2000  “Commentary on the Twentieth Century” Vilka Gallery Thessaloniki, curator B. Papadopoulou
1998  “Evoe-Evan” Old Municipal Hospital of Patras, curator B. Papadopoulou
1998  “Walking Through Time” Municipality of Elefsis, Old Oil-Mill, curator Lena Kokkini
1998  “Non Stop Art” Athens Hilton, curator V. Drakos
1998  “The new Collection”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
1998  “The Half of the Sky “Gallery Terrakota. Thessaloniki
1998   International Triennale of LOTZ, POLAND
1997  "9th International Biennale of Sculpture", Skinonio Museum, Curator B. Papadopoulou
1997  "Aeschilia ‘97” Municipality of Elefsis, Old Oil-Mill
1996  "Monoprakta”, Mykonos,Curator Vicky Drakos
1994  The Ancient Greek Mythology in Contemporary Art», Smaragda Ioannatou Art Center , Athens,
curator Lena Kokkini. «On the Opposite Side» Municipal Gallery Athens, curator Lena Kokkini
1993-1994  «Flexible» Pan European Art, Oberfrankenhalle Am Sportspark 3, Bayreuth, Germany -
Textilemuseum, Tilburg,Holland - Quarry Bank Mill Styal, Wilmslow, Great Britain - Galleria
Awangarda & Museum Architecture, Wroclaw, Poland, curator Caroline Boot
1991  “5th  Biennale of Young Artists of European Mediterranean Countries - The Greek participants”,
Municipal Gallery, Athens
1990  "5th  Biennale of Young Artists of European Mediterranean Countries, Marseilles
1989  “Earth Celebrations”, Municipal Art Center, Athens
1987  Panhellenic Exhibition of Visual Arts, Pireus
1986  Visual Act  Ι & ΙΙ, Αthens

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