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  In the beginning was the fire


by Lena Kokkini, Art Historian

Annita, who has consistently experimented with Light and Shadow, has now moved on to yet another theme one more politicised, as it were. Having started out making colossal constructions of prehistorical animals, the branching of mysterious trees, and charmingly aggressive birds (through a process which, in part, destroys by fire, and then sets about skilfully preserving the burnt remains). Continuing on. she has created an enormous Spider's Web, the "Wings of Daedalus", and from there has proceeded still further, to the astonishing "Egg" (Eleusis, l998), where, employing her own life experiences, she delineates, for the first time, the human Ggure, as a shadow; that of the expected child. _
Her present drawings refer back to tender childhood figures, depicted almost like silhouettes. One can not tell if they are flying, reclining or dreaming. Are we secretly viewing them from behind a pane of glass? An unseen danger seems to be hanging over their heads, looming over these children from throughout the world.
Faced with this threat out there hovering or the fear that the others would have us living in, Annita advances on to a transcendent gesture (Would it be immoderate for me to mention the cut that L. Fontana makes in a canvas?). She then breaks the glass casing, which in any case -liκε a symbol, like a social outline- is no longer secure, exorcising the "evil" and even more importantly, calling on others to think about these things. . .
At the same time, from a pictorial point of view, the broken pane of glass creates web-like lines. Thus referring back to her previous work, such as the Spider's Web.
lt was not only the surrealists who believed so strongly in Woman. Aristophanes also believed in their power. And what difference does it make that so many centuries have passed since then. ..
Perhaps if women themselves come to believe it...
These three visual artists (and of course they are not the only ones) do believe in their power or at least, they hold their pieces together and in that way, advance.
Surely that says a lot.


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